Brand Story

O Design House rocket started in remarkable success, fueled by the resilient artistry of Omar Helmy & his unique signature. As an interior design house, we have a passion for creation & resurrection, creating all types of structures, whether commercial, residential, modern or classic, exhibiting unparalleled talent in each with unique creations, materials & craftsmanship.

Design Principles

Exquisitely employing the interior design principles to completely meet your functional needs & perfectly reflect your personality, speaking about you in every detail!

Finest Artists

Complemented by an in-house production of artwork from a crew of Egypt’s finest artists from all schools of art, to instantly turn any imagination into reality

Inspired by Nature

We have a specific passion with nature & its materials, believing in its unappreciated potential to be used wholly & without any addition, in both design & construction

Our Artist

Omar Helmy

With an inspiration with nature from the sea to the sky from a very young age, and a love for interior design that crystalized from an early beginning, & strongly proved itself during his interior design studies, Omar Helmy didn’t cease proving himself in every step of his life, with a remarkable talent & glowing potential that shaped itself from a very young age…To rise to the name he is now!

With his love for nature, he didn’t fail to explore it, in every contact point , every sport & every animal, Helmy encompassed its soul until it completely filled him, he shared its perfection & resilience, pouring excellence into whatever he does & exhibiting an unparalleled determined resilience.

Helmy was always intrigued by the sustainability of nature, its ability to survive extreme conditions while remaining completely beautiful, its unparalleled durability. But Not only the sustainability of nature that intrigued Helmy, but also the sustainability through nature, the idea that nature have an endless flow of both inspiration & materials …and if used correctly can prove very sufficing on its own, without the need to any modern resources or materials. Sustaining by nature & through it!

He always believed, and we couldn’t help but notice the touch of nature in all of his designs, whether modern or royal, residential or commercial…mother nature is always boasted & cherished, with its unique materials talentfully used in the most unique ways possible, in its rawest form, to not only create one of a kind designs, but also one of a kind pieces.

Omar Helmy

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