In 2017 O Design House finally opened the curtains to its monumental royal residence after 2 years of continuous hard work from 2015 to February 2017, to become one of the dearly admired masterpieces of the O Design house heritage, Leaving a monument worth visiting to people contemporary to its time, and a legacy for generations to come later on.
The unprecedented 700 m2 residence is ornamented with microscopic detail in every centimeter, explaining the reason why it took such time, but what’s 2 years in the history of monuments when the exquisite Taj Mahal took more than 15 years to finish, Europe’s best cathedrals over 500 years each, and China’s great wall over 2000 years! That’s how much masterpieces take …That’s why they can be called masterpieces!
The uniqueness of the royal residence lies in the truly remarkable artistry employed in its execution, where numerous artists, craftsmen, inlayers, stone cutters, carvers & other experts were handpicked & collected from the whole country to create unprecedented one of a kind pieces whose like was never done before!…a synergy of uniqueness, top talent & a determined challenging of materials & rules.
A look at it will keep you indulged with thought superimposing your sight… A composition that overwhelms in distant view and completely dazzles under close scrutiny of its breathtaking mesmerizing detail.

Take for example the exquisite ceiling with its fine vine leaves & roses swirling gracefully in every direction, handmade piece by piece to utter perfection. Its recognized architectonic magnificence has a rhythmic combination of forms & patterns, deep concave & prominent convex, ivory tonality with touches of gold illuminated with an automated lighting system that showcases the beauty of the monument in ever-changing shades & moods, further emphasizing its glorious aesthetic aspect.

And while mentioning concave & convex, we cannot possibly neglect the two masterpieces in the bathroom, the marble inlaid curvy sink inlaid to wonderful perfection with contrasting marble despite its challenging concave & convex, an art no longer done nowadays …a true one of a kind piece!, & the marble carved sink, carved with exquisite detail from a full stone of marble…a beauty not just to see but to happily use!

A true one of a kind monument that will remain one of O design House most celebrated structures & a stunning symbol of our rich talent & artistry. 
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