Project Description

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Amwaj…A Custom-Made Santorini!

Although the summer house was ready-designed & ready to live in, our client wanted to custom-make it in a way that resembles the houses in Greece & its islands, looking more lively with the beach & the garden.

We literally worked on every single piece to achieve that general look in every detail.
The kitchen was a mixed textures collage, the appliances were chosen with great care & especially purchased, so to have that ancient look & feel but still high tech.
The accessories & mats were especially chosen & purchased as well.
Even the steps in the stairs were changed to suit the design, ornamenting each step with different colorful tiles with handmade-like Greek patterns, it was a joy to take!

At the end it was purely Greek!…not a single piece betraying the general theme!…Santorini at home!