Project Description

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The Egyptian-Syrian venture wanted to create a piece of Syria serving Syrian & Egyptian food, so we started not from the design as usual, but from the name!

We tried to find Syrian names that have a musical sound to it, until we found “Bab Toma”, a historical ancient place in Syria, reminiscent of Egypt’s Bab Zweila and Bab el Nasr etc., and when finding “Bab Toma” we couldn’t seek of anything more melodic!

So everything was created to perfectly incarnate Bab Toma as it is, with its arches, stone block buildings & aqueducts. Reviving Syria’s Bab Tooma but with a slightly modern touch.

Apart from the overall infinity ceiling, Above every tile carpet the ceiling is ornamented & accentuated with indirect light, creating a perfect symmetry with the tile carpets, creating a sense of balance & harmony

The floor is antique marble ornamented with hand-poured tile carpets, whose tiles extend from the floor up the counters in a continuous uninterrupted line.