Project Description

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The Challenge Of Cultures!

Coffee beanery is an American franchise. 1st time to open in Egypt.
The brand itself is very practical, & unlike Egyptian consumers, American consumers typically grab & go.

Considering the differences of the Egyptian culture & the different needs that arise thereof, the design had to be changed to cater to these differences & satisfy their needs.

So we took their prototype & altered it to satisfy the needs of the Egyptians, while still preserving the general American identity of the brand. We wanted it to look like the prototype but at the same time cozy…still practical but at the same time comfortable, so in the design we cared a lot about the seating & its distribution .. Raising the chairs & making the seating more cozy & comfortable.

Blending the cultures while preserving the brand feel was quite a challenge, but the final result was amazing & the main chain was utterly delighted!