Project Description

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This client was so rebellious, refusing the restrictions of tradition, & the “typical” Egyptian view of how a home should look like & must include!

He wanted to create common living habits between the reception & the garden…and so we created a big living space…not a mere reception for the guests!, and extended it with a glass extension inside the garden for absolute enjoyment & relaxation.

Everything else in the project had this rebellious nature as well, whether the roof, the rooms etc., all created to be a place of enjoyment he can be purely happy within & can truly enjoy.

As O Design House, our firm belief is that a home should reflect the person & represent everything he loves & is passionate about.

We found him very inspiring, such rebellious mindset yields a true work of art …not a normal home!
Reflecting the uniqueness of the client, not just a copy-paste of all what society does! …it was never a “typical” home… and that’s the beauty of it!