Our Newest Addition to O Design House!

Believing in the great power of simple retouches, its ability to completely give a new spirit to your home, rejuvenating & lifting your mood, we thought of Décor clinic.
Décor clinic is a mini décor solutions; we welcome your design problems, diagnose them and give you a tiny but mighty solution. Whether you need a personal corner to read, a wall that gives a pop to your house, some work in some columns or even just some accessories and artwork, you would definitely find a tiny but mighty idea.

It is not just about decorations, but also about solutions; whether you need to make your home child-safe requiring some changes here or there, or you need to make your home more smart & automated, or you want some space saving …in décor clinic there is always a solution!

The great thing about décor clinic is that it’s extremely affordable in both time & money!, so whether you don’t have time to do a complete change in your house, or you don’t have the needed money, décor clinic would help in saving both with an affordable solution that wouldn’t take time to accomplish!
We also didn’t forget our young newlyweds! With décor clinic consultation service, you can sit with an expert in a long session gaining all the advice you need, recommending the best furniture distribution, artistic touches & the overall style, guiding you step by step to turn your dream house into utter reality! …just an advice session & you become your very own interior designer!
Request Your Session Now & Let Us Give Your Space a Makeover, Home, Office.. Whatever It May Be! Or Get Some Advice & Do It Yourself!