We are delighted to announce the news that has been brewing for a while now with concentrated work & thoughtful effort!
Today we launch a new Logo more reflective of our values, Brand personality & work mindset!
Marking a new era with visuals that look more like us & could better communicate our purpose.

The new Logo still encompasses the letter O of O Design House, and the brick orange shade that symbolizes construction & natural urbanization, but it was updated to exude the personality of O Design House through the Egyptian eagle & the work mindset through the style with which this eagle was drawn, the Art Deco style.

The Egyptian eagle that carries of meaning what couldn’t possibly be neglected!; its vision when others don`t see, its speed when others don’t yet notice, its unparalleled focus on its goal that can’t even be competed, its unleashed freedom, proud dignity & resilient spirit, and most importantly its legendary importance as an integral part of the ancient Egyptian heritage as the symbol of independence, the supreme protector & wise fighter.
Meanings that make it a must-use especially when it touches our cherished Egyptian roots & our valuable origin.

The Egyptian eagle is illustrated in the logo in a sharp geometric Art Deco style, that further adds to its meaning with the concepts of this unique style.
Art Deco as a style had a huge impact at the time, changing the whole artistic landscape on such a large scale, influencing not only paintings, but actually all aspects of life, from fashion design up to architecture, injecting all what it touches with Life, thanks to the use of natural forms that are skillfully turned to geometric forms, animated with color & spirit, and made with extravagant materials, to combine art & skillful craftsmanship, denoting power, luxury and wealth.

And although O Design House is not limited by the art deco style in its work, but it strongly believes in its mindset & exquisite work process; namely that art need to be powerful and show a highly luxurious craftsmanship characterized by a skillful attention to detail and the selection of the best materials to multiply the aesthetic effect of any given piece, art that not only entertains, but completely overwhelms! And so this mindset could be breathtakingly applicable regardless of the used art style or aesthetic orientation.

And with such improvement, we hope the meaning is delivered by sight and not by explanation, whenever you see the logo on any of our channels or touch points.